Ramadan Sweets

The Holy month of Ramadan has been the most important month of the year for Muslims around the world, and Jandol can make this time feel like home with special traditional sweets made especially for this time. We aim to retain the feeling of tradition of this time of year. Come to visit us in the holy month of Ramadan and discover our huge range of Ramadan sweets.
One of the unique pleasures of Ramadan is the tradition of specially prepared Ramadan sweets that originate from a host of different cultures and nationalities across the Muslim world. These Ramadan sweets and pastries help create a festive mood around the Iftar table, and the best thing about Ramadan in United Kingdom is that we get to sample them all. Just as the Muslim Great Britain community is a melting pot of diverse cultures, our Ramadan plates are adorned with treats from every corner of the Muslim world.
You can enjoy the delicious desserts and sweets  at your Iftar tablethat the festive month of Ramadan brings with it.